WordPress Website Design

WordPress is an open source of Content Management System (CMS) and is the most sought-after website publishing systems in the world. With this platform, we build the most elegant, economical and high-performing websites for our clients. We focus on brand differentiation and effective engagement of the prospective clients of our clients.


We make

Custom Development: design and develop a responsive website, catering to your customized needs

Word Press for Ecommerce, a scalable and adaptable with wide arrays of plug-ins and themes for improving the functionality and browsing experience

Open Source Platform meant for small as well as large enterprise that mirrors your operations and business values

Social Media Integration Plug-ins; you can redirect your visitors to your social Media page and make them part of the community.


Our WordPress Designing has the following features


  • Marketing and overall branding directions
  • Product or Services Offerings
  • Inspiration websites
  • Desired website improvements
  • Outlining potential call to action
  • Resource Database
  • Blogging
  • News and Event sites
  • Themes and Custom Plug-ins
  • Facebook Integration
  • Tools for Marketing Strategies
  • Content-flow requirements
  • Focused Keywords for organic SEO


Our expert designers first understand your specific needs and then design your website to quickly draw attention of your prospects and make a long lasting ‘first impression’. Your website will fit to any kind of screen resolutions such as mobile as well as desktop, laptop and tablets.


Being search engine-friendly, our WordPress designs open the way for getting high-rankings from them. You can thus be empowered to achieve your marketing goals and objectives.


We at Azor SEO, Chennai are well-staffed with qualified and experienced professionals such as Graphic Designers, SEO experts, Project Manager, Content Manager and a Coding team.


Dig deeper into your Target Market, Business Goals and emphasize on Search Engine Optimization for encouraging users to convert to leads, sales and revenue.